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He māpuna te tamaiti

He māpuna te tamaiti – Supporting social and emotional competence in early learning

boy he mapuna te tamaiti

He māpuna te tamaiti is a resource designed for kaiako in early learning settings. It promotes proactive, intentional approaches to supporting the development of children's social and emotional competence. The book comes with a set of cards for use in daily practice and during professional learning conversations.


Download the complete PDF book (3.5MB)

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He māpuna te tamaiti self-assessment tool

This link is an interactive, seven-page PDF. You can download it to create an electronic record you can save, change, and update. Alternatively you can print it and complete the self assessment by hand.


He māpuna te tamaiti self-assessment tool  (349KB)

He māpuna te tamaiti presentation

This link is a powerpoint presentation (5.3MB) that includes the videos below.
Use this presentation to introduce He Māpuna te Tamaiti to your team and help them make the best use of it.


He māpuna te tamaiti presentation (5.3MB)

He māpuna te tamaiti videos

Watch the five short videos below to learn more about how to incorporate the He māpuna te tamaiti resource into your practice.

He māpuna te tamaiti overview

Social and emotional competence

The role of the kaiako

Infants and toddlers

Reflection, problem solving, and self-assessment