Supporting use of dual language resources in Pacific languages and English

Pasifika Early Literacy Project (PELP) and Realm Languages Project

The PELP and Realm Languages projects provide support to early learning services, schools, kaiako, and families to grow Pacific children’s oral language and literacy capabilities, with beneficial impacts in both Pacific languages and in English language and literacy. The intentional teaching practices used in the PELP and Realm Languages projects have proven potential to enable bilingualism and biliteracy development.

The Pasifika dual language resources are a set of print and online resources to support the early language and literacy learning of Pacific children. The resources are based on the second language acquisition principle that utilising a child’s heritage language/s helps to strengthen English language and literacy.

Follow the links to dual language picture book PDFs, audio files, and family support materials in Gagana Sāmoa, Te Gagana Tokelau, Lea Faka-Tonga, te reo Māori Kūki 'Airani, and Vagahau Niue as well as English.

You can find more books for older children at Literacy online.