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Books to foster belonging

Kotahi te kākano, he nui ngā hua o te rākau.

A tree comes from one seed but bears many fruit.


Books on this page

Aya and the butterfly

Aya and the butterfly is the first of a series of picture books intended to support, reflect, and celebrate the Muslim community of New Zealand. This story is written by Dr Maysoon Salama, who lost her son Atta in the mosque attacks on 15 March 2019. Dr Salama wrote the story for her granddaughter (Aya) and for other children dealing with loss and trauma. It is intended to help children to come to terms with grief, cope with change, and build resilience.

This book offers rich opportunities for learning across the curriculum for schools and early learning services. It most strongly connects to the Te Whāriki principles of Ngā hononga│Relationships, Whakamana│Empowerment and Kotahitanga│Holistic development, and the strands of Mana atua│Wellbeing and Mana whenua│Belonging.


Aya and the butterfly

Aya and the butterfly

Follow the link to find a PDF and kaiako support material on The New Zealand Curriculum Online.

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Arohanui is a dual language picture book in English and te reo Māori. It is aligned with Te Whāriki and allows for rich curriculum experiences.

This book offers many opportunities for learning across your whāriki. However, it is most connected to the principle of Empowerment | Whakamana and the strands of Belonging | Mana whenua and Contribution │ Mana tangata.

Arohanui supports the curriculum principle of empowerment by helping children to recognise, appreciate, and identify with different perspectives. It is set in the familiar world of an early learning service, so it will connect to children’s own experiences of inclusion and exclusion. It also provides children with a starting point for taking action to create a culture of belonging and inclusion.

Arohanui in te reo Māori

Arohanui cover te reo Maori


Download Arohanui in te reo Māori. (2MB PDF)


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Listen to the story being read in te reo Māori

Arohanui in English

Arohanui cover English


Download Arohanui in English. (2MB PDF)

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Listen to the story being read in English

Kaiako support materials

The kaiako support materials for Arohanui provide a range of ideas you could incorporate in your talk and in what you plan around the story. Your learning community will have its own ways of thinking and talking about values and its own ways of making them real.

He taonga tonu te tamariki, For each and every child

This dual language book in te reo Māori and English outlines how our children should expect to live in Aotearoa, New Zealand. It gives life to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCROC), 1989.

Read this as a whole story or use parts of it as a prompt for conversations in everyday practice.

For every child

For each and every child

Follow the link to the story book PDF.

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