Pacific voices in Te Whāriki

Use this downloadable workshop to explore Te Whāriki as a woven mat for diverse Pacific voices and values in Pacific contexts, and to create a local curriculum that represents Pacific pedagogy.

Tips for using the workshop

General / technical

The best way to view the workshop is to enlarge the slideshow by selecting the full screen icon at the bottom of the tool bar.

Use the forward and back arrows to move through the workshop at your own pace.

You can download the workshop and adapt it for your own use, but you must respect copyright, especially of the images and video.

Professional learning

The workshops are best used in a group, in which you can consider and discuss the content and questions.

The workshops focus in on a specific aspect of Te Whāriki, and are designed to help kaiako deepen their understanding and practical application of the curriculum.

They offer a brief overview or short introduction.

You may choose to use the workshops in facilitated sessions and in specific ways for your context. For example, you might:

  • work together on a complete workshop in a team meeting or professional development session
  • select parts of a workshop to spend more time on, completing it over a number of sessions
  • select parts of a workshop to revisit and explore in greater depth.